“You are not allowed to fix another person’s problems.”

Do not fix another person’s problems!

This morning we had a very beautiful inquiry into TRUTH. 

What is truth? Why do we lose touch with our own truth? What happened to make us not trust ourselves anymore? 

We inquired into the SHOULDS and SHOULD NOTS that we all experienced as children and saw how these programs are still running as (often unconscious) belief systems and standards.

Like, I must be nice, I must care for others first. I must not be selfish. I must not be too loud = the conformist. 

Or I’m not going to listen to others, I will do what I want, you can’t tell me what to do = the rebel.

Whether we became the conformist or the rebel, these are still reactions to the outside world. Are still patterns based on either passively agreeing or reactively disagreeing with our conditioning.

What then is our truth?

During our inquiry this morning we kept reminding the group to keep 60% of their attention in themselves, to just lean back a little more. Relax and receive your partner’s answers. Staying in your own body while being with another is a powerful practice to realize your truth!

And this gave a magnificent example of truth during the feedback circle:

Person A: “I found it really difficult to keep my attention in myself when I saw that my partner was having difficult emotions. I really wanted to reach out my hand and comfort her.”

Person B: “And I so appreciated that you did nothing. I saw that you wanted to, the fact that you didn’t meant that I could be in my own experience.”

This statement was such a powerful expression of TRUTH that the whole group was instantly and acutely in presence. Awake. Present. Aware. Here. Now. Embodied.

The power that is returned to us, all of us, when we are allowed to be with what is, is the opening that allows stuck energies and old belief systems to dissolve and flow.

And then Person B ended with another gift of wisdom:

 “You are not allowed to fix another persons problems.”


“In quietness are all things answered, and is every problem quietly
resolved.” ~ ACIM

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