Curiosity killed that cat

Have you heard the saying curiosity killed the cat? It has a subtle
warning in it. Don’t go there…. don’t be curious about what is happening. You may DIE!

However, so long as there is a part of you that wants to be somewhere else or finds another part (of you / of life) unacceptable, there is no freedom. When we feel unfree we hurt. When we hurt we try to fix the pain. And through this fixing, controlling or manipulating of our pain we create an internal war.
Feeling the pain, fighting the pain, hating the pain, judging the pain and on and on. Best just to put the lid on it all. Ignore all of it.

And feel nothing. Or at least pretend to feel nothing.

Because, if I go there…. I may DIE!

However if you kill your pain, you kill your joy.

When you find yourself stuck in your head, stuck in your pain, stuck in your life; stop and inquire:

  • what brings me into presence?
    physical sensations – if so feel them
    your surroundings – if so see them
    something you hear – if so listen
  • and then ask what adds to this experience?And remember the ending of the saying: Curiosity killed the cat, and SATISFACTION brought him back.

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